Bindrune Charm and Chain


These reversible bindrune charms combine the individual magical meaning of 3 different runes to create an immensely powerful talisman. Each charm features a copper and brass “disc” on the front and back. The front depicts the bindrune – a combination of runes from which it draws power. The reverse side features an entire set of runes.
Made from allergen-free zinc alloy in copper color, each come with an 18” chain, a blue satin pouch and a comprehensive leaflet detailing the history of runes, how to empower them and what each rune means. These work as amazing gifts!

Chose from the following charms:
BRO1: Happiness & Friendship
BRO2: Financial Security
BRO3: Success
BRO4: Confidence
BRO5: Positive Life Change
BRO6: Achieve Ambitions
BRO7: Planning Ahead
BRO8: Inspiration
BRO9: Perfect Love
BRO10: Courage
BRO11: Willpower
BRO12: Job Security

Bindrune Charms
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