Trove of Valhalla

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The Trove of Valhalla – a unique collection of Viking Pendants. Each pendant is packaged with its own chain and information leaflet. It is said that each pendant comes with a blessing! Each blessing is described in the section below. This chain and pendant package would be a great gift to raise someone’s spirits or wish them luck on an upcoming adventure! Prices vary per product design. Produced in lead-free Pewter.

Choose from the following designs:
Image 1
Roving Long Boat – for protection on the sea of life
North Star – for direction & constancy
Northern Knot – for happy love & friendship
Gripping Beast – for regeneration & vitality
 Image 2
Nordic Crossle – for purity and spirituality
Thor’s Hammer – for inner strength
Viking Axe – for achievement & victory
Scanda Cross – for love & harmony
 Image 3
Web of Wyrd – for development potential
Urnes Snakes – for skill & ingenuity
Dragonhead Boat – for safety on journeys
Sunwheel – for wealth and abundance
Image 4
Viking Hero – for courage & endurance
Wolf Cross – for vitality & success
Wolf Hammer – for strength & virility
Odin’s Mask – for cunning & discretion

Trove of Valhalla
Product Options
#OptionPriceSales Tax
1Roving Long Boat$10.99Band 1
2North Star$10.99Band 1
3Northern Knot$10.99Band 1
4Gripping Beast$10.99Band 1
5Nordic Crossle$12.99Band 1
6Thor's Hammer$12.99Band 1
7Viking Axe$12.99Band 1
8Scanda Cross$12.99Band 1
9Web of Wyrd$15.99Band 1
10Urnes Snakes$15.99Band 1
11Dragonhead Boat$15.99Band 1
12Sunwheel$15.99Band 1
13Viking Hero$17.99Band 1
14Wolf Cross$17.99Band 1
15Wolf Hammer$17.99Band 1
16Odin's Mask$17.99Band 1
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