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The Runestone “Them Boys Was Here Alright!”

The Runestone “Them boys was here alright!” by Ralph A. Mayer The Kensington Runestone has been a subject of controversy for over a hundred years. Ralph Mayer presents an imaginative scenario of one of the many events that possibly could have occurred a century and a half before Colombus. The author quotes Edward Ohman, the…

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Kensington Runestone is Genuine

  The Kensington Runestone is Genuine by Robert A. Hall Jr. This book evaluates both sides of the arguments for and against the genuineness of the inscription on the well-known runestone discovered in Kensington, Minnesota in 1898.

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The Last Kings of Norse America

By Robert G. Johnson & Janey Westin “Epic in scope, insightful, imaginative, venturesome, and provocative – if this groundbreaking book about the Norse in America before Colombus does not cause a paradigm shift in your thinking, you need to check your pulse.” – Herbert R. Cederberg, PH.D., Emeritus Professor of History, University of Wisconsin.

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